Events and on site Courses

Our Group has become famous for the networking capability and the live events that are always fully booked due to the intense contents and credibility.

If you are a networker, an influencer of trainer, as well as corporate customer, you can benefit from our expertise and obtain substantial returns from our full setup for live events by becoming our Reseller or Profit Sharing Option.

Potential setups:

A) Half day fast 4 hour interaction with one break.

B) Full day (maximum effect) 8 hours with 3 breaks.

C) Weekend formula (1.5 days of training and 2 hours of Q&A.

D) The Location, accomodations, catering can be booked by your or by our service at maximum efficiency

E) We can deliver a perfect Stage management and Light and Sound Technical Service.

F) Any country provided we can fit the bookings.

G) Strongest selling Themes:
“Finance and Trading”

“Mindset change”

“Blockchain and Crypto currencies”

H) We can evaluate cobranding and sponsorships based on our exclusive evaluation.

CONTACT [email protected] for a full explanation and defining the boundaries of your next event!