Winning Mindset

Combine the power of a winning mindset with external influences like relationships and tools for rapid, effective growth toward your goals. Mindsetting™ is a patented method with registered trademark that allows you to have a global approach to training and supports you in achieving your goals with confidence and determination. Find out how to accelerate your Mindset Change process in the two most important macro areas of life, where the difference really makes the DIFFERENCE. Forge your new mindset Get a methodology to achieve your goals. Accelerate your personal and professional growth path.
Stefano Santori

· 3 June 2024

About Instructor

Stefano Santori

Consultant, Coach (Sport, Business) and trainer in soft skills, with high specialization in the world of Mindset Change, author of the Mindsetting method (registered trademark), founder of the MBH method (Minset Biohacking), University Professor in the LUISS and Universitas Mercatorum Masters, Biohacker, Author, CEO of MJOB, Founder of StefanoSantoriTraining, Trainer of Trainers in the CONI Olympic Training School, CIO of Challenge Network..

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