Technical Analysis For Beginners 3

The Third Step before getting to a higher Level. Moving Averages and Momentum indicators allow us to better understand market situation, even if we have to avoid to be mislead. The Price and volume movement is always King, the other stuff is a complement and has to be used carefully. By the way putting all together will help us to create a standard view in order to compare markets and situations, getting deeper into the practice like a Pro. This is the completion of the Beginners Course and allows you to step up to a deeper understanding.
Marco Mottana

· 31 May 2024

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Marco Mottana

Serial entrepreneur and eclectic passionate of self improvement. Finance and Investment expert, consultant teacher and trainer of professional and HNW investors, book writer ("Technical analysis of stock Exchange" by Ipsoa "Invest with success" by S&K). Became a Blockchain enthusiast in 2018 and now is reversing his knowledge to everyone willing to step up.

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