Bitcoin/Ethereum Masterclass

Is It Better Bitcoin Or Ethereum?

The truth is that the two blockchains and coins have different functionalities and uses. So let's understand the differences and potentialities for our portfolios. You will have very important hints on the true values of Cryptocurrencies. The course is in italian language under a special agreement with the Zen-Q.Com exchange. It will be soon translated in english.

Marco Crotta

· 28 May 2024

About Instructor

Marco Crotta

After his degree in IT he soon became aware of the new shift of Blockchain and decided to become an expert. Now he is considered one of the major italian experts in the sector: Smart Contract and Dapp Developer (Ethereum, Solidity, IFPS, Web3. j's, Python). Blockchain Trainer for Companies, Startups, Law enforcement. Linux System manager and Architecture Designer (RHCE). Public Speaker.

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